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About Us

Boeing Studios is a small production company in Los Angeles offering full in-house collaborative work for film, music video, and commercial products. We help create a concept, produce it, shoot it, and if you so choose, we finish it up with editing and color, all within our own company. We also offer one-on-one screenwriting and acting tutoring for anyone looking to polish up their skills or who may need some extra advice.

Our Story

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Growing up in Chicago with a passion for film and acting, sisters Adrienne and Catriona Boeing decided to take acting classes together with a theater acting teacher, Kevin Long, who would become their mentor and encourage them to continue pursuing their dreams. With several years of working together on multiple plays and small films as actresses, they decided to move out to LA. Before their move, they made time to travel Europe several times over the course of a few years and gained an appreciation for other cultures and a deeper understanding for all different kinds of people. In between their travels, they both worked together at a public middle school where they were thrust into leadership roles and learned how to command a room and think quickly on their feet amongst the chaos of rambunctious children. After careful consideration, Catriona decided to pursue a degree in filmmaking in LA and would share her knowledge with Adrienne, meanwhile Adrienne's background in photography helped Catriona broaden her understanding of cinematography. They quickly discovered their talent for screenwriting and directing was stronger when they worked together and shot their first short film together in 2019. After the success of their award-winning short film, "The Butler", they decided to continue writing and working together as "Boeing Studios". Joined by their filmmaking friends, they have all come together to collaborate on various film projects, each team member bringing their own specialized talent to the table. 

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